Friday, July 26, 2013

Paty is a good photographer

Paty loves to take pictures. She  knows know so much more than I do about her camera. I'm so grateful for that.

Not to forget the giant crabs we caught!

Friday July 26th! Oops!

OK,  It's basically been a month since I have posted which is way beyond my goal.  Sorry for that Linnea, as you may be my only follower since ditching Facebook.  Here's a series of photos from Our visit with Kathy and Emma to Ari and all our adventures thus far this summer.  It's been an amzing summer so far and only getting better :)  LOVE WA summers!!!!!!!
Tubing it up in Henderson bay

home sweet home (duvet airing out on veranda)



FRESH flowers

Welcome Emma

Great Day with the Marrs and Kingsleys

dinner out

wild waves!

my babies

new kicks

parking lot lunch at wild waves

mmmm seaweed