Saturday, September 8, 2012

Solomon and Oliver. Chapter one...

It's his first real close friend.  He begs to go to his house and when they are together they are like a team, they laugh at the same things, they get excited together and I think Solly would even eat broccoli if Oliver was :)  I dropped him off at Oliver's house yesterday and he jumped out of the car and started marching to  the front door without even a goodbye!  I yelled "hey! where's my kiss?" he groaned and stomped back to give me one.  He is really growing up, sniff :(  It is bittersweet for sure.  He is a real boy now.  He certainly has a will of his own now and his own ideas.  What a joy to be his mother, what an amazing gift.  Seriously, I am floored by the gift of it.

playing space craft in a local tree fort
Oliver has cool toys


Lara Crook said...

We love you Solly! Oliver is so thrilled to have a BFF also! xoxo

Mikala Kamper said...

So cute. I remember when I had my first real friend. It was amazing! And I am sure it is for Solly too:) Love you Solly