Friday, December 9, 2011

Holidays under way, New York soon

Auntie Liz is visiting, Yaya is here, Auntie Nessa went back to NYC, Dad is working in WA state. In a week, we jet off to NYC for the holidays and see Gam and Zack and everyone! Very exciting time indeed :) The kids are fully understanding Santa Clause and Christmas (minus the religious part) It is very cute to see them ask questions and be excited to meet Santa. School is going great for the kids and life is good. More soon!

Love, Mama
cousins napping :)


Carey said...

Adorable picture! You'll have to explain to me sometime how to understand Christmas minus religion? Ok religions aren't always good, so maybe I understand, just not minus Jesus. Would love to talk in person sometime!! Not going to Mexico this year, tho. Maybe next year! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year, friend!!

one happy family said...

would love to explain to you someday Carey. Love to you too.

Happy Holidays