Thursday, November 10, 2011

A morning at Ak Lu'um Waldorf School

OK, so we went to the school. We got the grand tour and saw everything they had to show us... It was tranquil and beautiful. They compost, they recycle, they organic garden, they sew, they tell stories, they do sports and they cook and bake in an outdoor kitchen. I cannot tell you how much I would like to be a part of this program, I am just a tad bit intimidated by all the "evolved and involved" people there. Can I keep up to this standard of schooling and parenting? There was no sign of "Lightning Mc Queen" there anywhere, anywhere...
We are going back tomorrow to have the kids play with the others at recess then a lantern walk in the woods tomorrow night. I'll explain that after we do it.
Love and hugs,

entrance off highway through about a half mile of jungle

the sweetest smile ever

hand wash area

one classroom

art everywhere, a group effort

Solly's classroom

entrance to class

everything handmade

parents built this little house

a fresh pepper from their organic garden

looking at the chickens and rooster


he loved this swing 

Solly picked up a Chechen berry and squished it between his fingers.  Not good


Kelly said...

I want to go to that school! Looks amazing. and, I'm sure you and your kiddies will fit in perfectly :)

Patizzia said...

Every day a new adventure! I love my job! =)

gleekafon said...
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