Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Luis Arturo Garcia Torres is thirteen!!!!

Luis is 13 and he is changing so fast I can barely recognize him! He is as sweet and polite as ever though, so I know it's him :) Patty got him a much anticipated cell phone and I bought him an ipod nano as he LOVES to sing :) He was really happy, everyone had cake and pizza and laughed and sang. It was a wonderful night. Also, I got to finally meet and love the baby Genesis! Chabe looked wonderful also and I was so happy to see Genesis is gaining weight and looking so healthy.
All is good!!!!!



Patizzia said...

The longest song birthday!


thanks bekke you are so adorable... you are the best!

nea in Brighton said...

Love the school, and love the baby. Keep the posts coming. Nea, she reads them.