Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kids and school

So, they made it through the first day at school without any tears.  They stayed from 9-11 at which point I came to watch them in recess.  They will do two hours again today, just to ease them into this new environment. Solly wasn't excited at all yesterday for school, so much that he had a tummy ache from anxiety.  I felt pretty bad as I remember those fears and tummy aches like they are yesterday.  Every year when school would start I would have a massive nauseous, anxiety filled eve before.  Dede loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back.  Go figure...

We have a mouse in the house and I have been trying to catch it for a few days, it's a a smart little one and so far is winning the battle.  Matilda our dog is loving life here and keeping all the coatimundi's out of the yard!  That makes me happy as they ruin my garden with all they snorting for bugs and they stink! Brad comes home tomorrow and Solly wants to go fishing with him. Won't take much coaxing for that.

More soon,


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Nea in Vermont said...

Keep us updated on how they like school. I hope that Solly likes it more soon. Hey, how do you get mail there? Do you still have a US address and have it sent down there somehow? Let me know on FB. Love you.