Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day two at school

Today may have been harder at school for me than it was for Solly.  He was holding on to me for dear life, and he whispered in my ear "don't leave me, Mum".  After I pried him off me I called Gam, it was only 7:15 a.m in Gig Harbor but I needed a supportive ear badly.  Sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is, and yet I know deep down that the point IS to teach them how to be independent.  Being needed by my kids is the strongest force I have ever experienced in my life.  My big kids included, nothing can keep me from them if they need me.  Their voice, their faces.  No matter what, I struggle with "no".  However, after experiencing the big ones and their deficits in self supporting, healthy behaviors,  it is even more of a reason to push the little ones out of the nest.  Anyhow, it all starts with baby steps for all of us.  I am confident that Solly will learn to love school and grow more independent and confident.  Dede is taking it all in stride, as she does.  Tomorrow Brad is home and I know the kids will be happy to see him (but they still have to go to school).


P.S When I picked up Solly and Dede they were smiling and said they had a great time... 

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Vanessa von Hessert said...

Soon it will be me calling you for a supportive ear. I also have a problem saying no when it comes to things like this. I am a softy (news flash, ha). It's a fine line though, knowing when to encourage children to be independent and when to hold them close.
Love you!