Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Genesis sleeps over :)

Chabe and Genesis came over to sleep over and visit. Solly said "its just like a toy!" hahahahaha. Not so much, Solly...
Today we are going to Akluum to visit their new school. Pics to follow :) We are taking out a few trees in the backyard to open it up for more sun to the shallow end of the pool, and the casita. I'm also having a new little terracotta tile floor put in the front porch/shower. I am having them put in the St Francis of Assisi tile that Vanessa gave me years ago from Geneva when she worked for the Fransiscans at the U.N. I will also include pics of that when it's done...

That's it for now! I'm off to shower and take the kids to their new school!

he loves the baby

look at the little hands!

feeding her


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Vanessa von Hessert said...

beautiful! :)

Patizzia said...

I love solly's face and his curiosity to see every part of the tiny body of the baby ... Also... Dede's atention an love for take care of Genesis =) so cute ...