Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another morning at Waldorf

The kids joined in on playtime and story telling today at Aklu'um to sort of get their feet wet before next week when they will start (9-1). It went really well, and they had a few adventures. Dede found a snail and showed it to her teacher Gaby, then Gaby explained to all of them where the snail needed to go and why. It was a proud moment for Dede to bring such an interesting topic to everyones attention, and I enjoyed watching her beam with Dede pride. On our way out we had to take a different path because there was a parade of ants! Carmen, one of the staff said she had ony seen it three or four times on all her years there. Usually, it happens before a rain except, there was no rain coming. Ants are amazing little creatures. It looked like a wave moving on the ground. What an adventure for the kids! It was a great day, I am proud of my kids and so excited they will be learning spanish and being a part of this awesome school. On our way out, I saw a few other moms picking up their kids that looked like people I would like to get to know (I am excited too!) Mama wants new friends too!

the snail discovery

mama watches on

talking to Maya

Solly wants to be a horse too

bringing the snail home

time for a snack!

hand washing

beautiful gazebo for the kids

compostable tiolet

no odor

smoothie anyone?

soccer game in progess

organic garden

compost pile just like on raft island :)

outdoor kitchen

ant parade (doesn't do it justice)

sweet paty

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Vanessa von Hessert said...

Awesome! Nice job, Dede and Solly! :)