Sunday, October 30, 2011

The trip from Seattle to Playa

We departed at 12:50 AM on Saturday the 28th (leaving for the airport on Friday night). It was a long trip with a four hour layover in Minneapolis of all places. However, we were bumped to first class on the second leg and now we are here in paradise. Lots to do here, some fence mending, painting and replacing some broken appliances. Mostly, it all great. Kids in bed now and we are having our much relished grown up time. Emily arrives tomorrow and Tilda on Tuesday.
Love you,

loves her leap pad
pro traveler


mi corazon

waiting in Seatac

Dad loves his ipad

look at his eyelashes!

real glass in business class


Dede is good with the camera

very creative also

Dada!  Cool Dada



hello? hello????


Nea in Vermont said...

Love the photos. Now, what appliances are broken..not the maby? Say it ain't so.....

one happy family said...

lol. Nope, it is the big tv in the living room. finally bit the dust. Luckily a new one is coming in the lexus with redbeard :) We bought a smaller one that will go in your room when redbeard arrives with the big one.

Jennifer K said...

Glad you have arrived safely and are settling in! Hope life is wonderful for you all.