Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blogging from 30,000 feet above god only knows where...

We are on our last leg of the journey. I really cannot complain at this point. We are in business class and Solomon is fast asleep. They just served a decent meal and we are almost in Mexico... The goodbyes proved harder than I anticipated. Looking out the window from the airport bus at Gam and Pa waving goodbye I had a huge heaviness in my heart. I love them so much, we all love them so much. We will see them at Christmas in New York and once we are settled in we will start counting down the days until that :) The hurricane passed and ended as not much more than a tropical depression, leaving us relieved. Matilda arrives Tuesday from Raft Island and Emily arrives Monday from New York. That's pretty much the update for now, we are all safe and well.


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Nea in Vermomnt said...

Hope you guys are safe and happy. Miss you.