Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two weeks today until Mexico

I've been running around trying to get everything done while also trying to run a (somewhat) normal household with beds to sleep on and dishes to eat on. It is hard to move to another country and be in the transition period without a little disarray and chaos. I have been slowly packing boxes of things we can live without and transporting them over to Gam and Pa's where they so graciously are allowing us to store them. I admit I am getting nervous and a bit on edge, Brad is so busy at work he barely has time to be with the kids as much as he wants.  We are trying to keep our eye on the prize, which is obviously being at home in Playa with the kids and relaxing...  In the meantime the kids are blissfully unaware of the work being done for the move and thanks to Patty (best nanny on earth) and I, their school and play schedule continues on as usual.  Here are a few taken recently at JUMP, a favorite spot to go nutty here in "the Harbor"

Most awesome bedhead award goes to Dede

My girls

Hello sunshine!

connecting the dots

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