Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outer Banks Bliss

It has been an amazing trip. Today is the last day here and we are going to go do some water sports :) I'd like to try paddle-boarding and Emily wants to windsurf. Tomorrow we have a flight to New York and Paty and the kids fly back to Seattle to meet up with Brad at home. I'm back in five days then Dede turns three on the 26th! Time flies... Life is beautiful and ever changing. More posts coming soon as we transition to the big city leg of the trip!


Jennifer K said...

I am so sad I could not make it there while you were here in NC. This is my last week of teaching before I have three weeks off. I was so hoping you were staying until Sunday cause I could have made it there tomorrow afternoon and Saturday. Maybe next time I am on the west side of the country we can meet

Kelly said...

LOVE the last pic!!!! needs to be framed :)

one happy family said...

FOR SURE we will make it happen. You know connections like we have can't be broken! Stay in touch via blogging and thanks for even trying. Love to you and yours.