Monday, August 22, 2011

One more day in New York

Tomorrow is my last day here, then back to my little ones in WA :)  It's been a great trip all in all, Emily is getting settled in here and Shannon and her have had lots of time to spend together sightseeing and hanging out.  Today, Shannon and I went to SVA to find out about tuition, housing etc costs for Emily next year.  I sure hope it all works out for Em and she can get into the school of her choice.  What an exciting time in her young life...  Today I also visited with my mother's brother Uncle Dave, that was great.  Tomorrow Vanessa and I are going to visit with our grandmother Dicki in Tarrytown, NY.  We take a train from Grand Central Station and it's about a half hour journey.  She is quite old now and it might be one of the last times I have to see her.  She is a part of my Dad and for that reason I want to say goodbye.  Also having lunch with Franny (the kind owner of the Duck beach house).  A lot of stuff packed into a quick trip here.  I am very grateful for family and friends I have.
Love, Mama
a picture of the kids at home with a new blanket I bought for them :)
holding hands

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