Thursday, August 11, 2011

On our way to North Carolina, we ended up in NYC...

Delta airlines blows... I'll start with that. Six hours at Seatac waiting and our flights were cancelled. We had to re route ourselves through NYC stopping in at my sisters in Manhattan for the night. We arrived tired, dirty and hungry. Vanessa and Simon were up for the task :) We showered, ate (well I did) and did laundry. Simon put on a movie for the kids and we all snuggled into fresh clean sheets :) Today, we take a 1 1/2 hour flight to Norfolk, VA where we pick up a rental car and drive to the beach house! I'm very excited! Vacation time!!!!!

sleeping at Seatac

get me off this plane

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Jennifer K said...

Wait where in NC are you going to be? I would love to meet you and your family and let you see Isaiah, since you were the first person to kindly deliver a care package for me :)

one happy family said...

We are on the outer banks in Duck! QUACK! Come meet ussssssssssssss!!!

Jennifer K said...

How long you here for?

one happy family said...

we are here until the 19th!!! COME SEE US!

Jennifer K said...

Let me see what I can do. I am already back in school since I teach year round. In fact the 19th is my last day and then I have 3 weeks off. Maybe I can work taking Tuesday and driving to see you. Looks like it is a little under 4 hours from me to you guys.