Sunday, August 7, 2011

Emily comes over and of course, they draw :)

Not sure why the quality of these pics is so poor! Nevertheless, there they are. Emily came over yesterday after work and drew pictures with the kids :) We are leaving for the Outer Banks in three days now! I will be sure to post many pictures of everyone there. It will be me, Paty, Brad, Dede, Solly, Vanessa, Simon and Siegi. Followed by Shannon and Emily! After this, Emily, Shannon and I are taking the show to NYC for five days as we bid Emily farewell for two months of classes at the Art Students League of New York City. Lots of exciting changes going on... I'll try to keep you all posted.


oh no, I see a sharpie in there!
the ultimate teacher, Emily

this one is kind of scary Dede!

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