Sunday, July 17, 2011

JUMP Gig Harbor, WA

There is this awesome indoor playground that they love to go to called JUMP. It is full of bouncy houses and mats and balls and slides. We took all three rascals there and packed a healthy lunch. Watching the fun unfold is the best part of the day (besides my morning coffee). Enjoy the pics.


Mikala said...

Great:D I'm sitting in the sun all day, hoping that some little kid is gonna come, take my hand and ask me to go marching... Always dreaming about going grocery shopping with a lovely mother, buying a huge bag of mexican oranges... Imagining cooking the best dinner with Mr. Brad... And never do I forget how much I miss walking on the most beautiful island with my sisters, whether it is on the way home from school or just because it is a most to walk when the rain for once stops in Gig Harbor.
I miss you so much
XXX Mikala

one happy family said...

wow. miss you more...