Friday, June 3, 2011

Life in the big city

It is day three here and I am just loving my time with Siegi, Vanessa and Simon. So much happens in such a very short time with babies and he is so aware and active now. He loves to play on Vanessa's ipad which I find hilarious!  He crawls, rolls over, laughs, eats like his cousin Solly :)  I fed him two containers of baby food in a row last night that he ate with such zest that it brought me back a few years to when Solly was at this stage.  Last night we were setting up his closet and all the clothes that Soly used to wear were being hung up.  I really am astonished at how fast it all goes.  Blink of an eye seems like an understatement at times...  Vanessa is struggling with the hard decision of whether or not to go back to school full time and I am trying to listen and give any insight I could possibly have that may help guide her.  I wish that I could take Siegi in the days for her while she studies!  Anyhow, all is well and I am off to run on the treadmill.  Tomorrow, we go to upstate New York (Hillsdale)  (click on name for info link) to spend some much coveted time with my adoptive parents David and Franny :)
Love you all, more soon.