Friday, June 10, 2011

Last day of school beach themed party !

Today was the last day of preschool! We were invited to the beach themed party and the kids had cake, juice and sang songs to us parents :)  It was really, truly adorable to watch them in their element.  The two teachers, Miss Barbara and Miss Amber expressed to me how much they care for them.  I , of course  told them how grateful I was for their school and the amazing impact it has had on them...  I am so grateful that I kept Solly in school even when he cried and persisted to tell me no... He ended up loving it so much and he really grew to trust and love the atmosphere there.  He is a real little boy now. There are various summer camps available in July and August that I plan to enroll them in.  Let SUMMER begin!!!!
I am a proud and happy Mama

Discovery village Preschool!!!!

Solly loves helping :)

with Miss Barbara!

Auntie Bekke and Siegi

Passed out at the party

receiving the schoolwork :)

Singing to Siegi!

Yummy Cake

Miss Amber loves Solly

Happy Maya

The Gang

small bite, haha


proud student

thanks Miss Barbara

Siegi at 8 months

join the party dude

our party table

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