Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Mamma blogger, again...

I have been really poor at new posts as of late. I will try to keep up on the new happenings with the kids better so we can all look back and remember. Here's what's new: Solly cares about his clothes now, his favourite colour is green and he tends to change his mind a few times before settling on an ugly outfit. Dede continues to love purple and yellow and anything with a cat on it. She and Solly are doing so well in school and come home with new songs and stories everyday. I have a lot of take home art (some of which I will keep, some not). However, I will take photos of all of it and post here for all to admire and comment, lol.
We are on Raft Island and the spring is hinting at arrival with all the flowers and leaves but the weather is still holding out on us. Everyone says this has been the worst winter they can remember, although I remember last summer kind of sucked too (all two weeks of it). I am hoping the sun will arrive soon so we can boat daily and tan our bums on out local dock :)
Today is Memorial day and Mikala's prom dress is ready at the tailor, I gave her my satin gown that I wore as maid of honour in Liz's wedding and she had it made into a mini. I am sure it will look amazing. Emily is set to graduate on June 10th and we are all so happy. High school hasn't been so fulfilling for her and she is really, really ready to be finished. I am cheering her on to the end. I leave for seven blissful days at Vanessa's in New York on Wednesday, I plan to sleep in, stay up late and have many cuddles with my sweet nephew (and Vanessa too ).
That's it for now. More to follow.
Mama xoxo

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