Tuesday, April 26, 2011

poor Gunther :(

Gunther went to birdie heaven...  Too sad a tale to tell.  We tried Gunther, we tried.

RIP Gunther 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gunther made it through the night :)

He is still sleeping and eating and pooing...  That's pretty much it.  Road trip today con pajaro :)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gunther the Pigeon?

So we were walking to reef club to go to the beach when I almost stepped on a baby bird, he was laying on the sidewalk helplessly gasping for air.  We had to save him, no other option...  SO, we called Emily and she zoomed up the street in the van to rescue us and the bird.  Once home, we fed him/her from a dropper with a mixture of sugar and water, followed by mushed rice.  Right now he is sleeping in a bowl and we are anxiously awaiting him to wake up.  We don't think he has even opened his eyes yet since hatching.  Who knows how he ended up on that sidewalk but we are so happy we saw him.  Guess we now have a mascot :)
More soon.
Mama, Emily, Mikala, Solly and Dede (Paty's day off)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Father and son trip to Sun Valley, Idaho

This and that on a Sunday afternoon :)

sweet Donna

my favorite tree blossoms

easy treat

doing her Rosetta Stone like a good girl

sweet note from Emily

true love


always laughing


star of david

facepainting at school
Gams art quilt



love her wet nose

veggie soup

sparkly shoes
play doh

making monsters

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brad in Sun Valley, Emily has another job, I make good french fries

It is Saturday.  Emily started her new job at discovery village today, Paty and Mikala are out painting pottery and having lunch. I am home with the babes making home fries and watching movies.  This time of the year (who am I kidding , always) it rains a lot here... It is wearing one me... A lot of my plants in the yard have rotted and died from too much water and not enough sun.  Yesterday I put up posts to protect my roses from the deer and now I just need to buy some netting to put on.  They always get the buds right before they bloom...
Many of my roses died from too much water, I need to get some more to replace the lost souls :)
Here are a few pics I took with my phone.  I need batteries for my camera and I cannot find the stash...
Dede fell asleep talking to me today

yesterday the clouds parted to reveal what is behind... BLUE SKY????
Then this happened...
also, I bought them Dove bars.  yum

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My story online

Comcast Has Been To My House 12 Times, Still No Cable

We receive a ton of e-mails from Comcast customers (and customers of all cable/internet/phone companies) about having to spend multiple days waiting for techs to install or fix their service. But most stories end — either happily or with the customer just giving up — around the third or fourth visit. That's why we were so blown over by the story of one customer in Washington state whose ordeal with the reigning Worst Company In America has gone on for over four years.
After Rebekke's house, located on a small island in Washington, was built in 2006, she contacted Comcast to come out and install cable and internet service. Since it was a new home, cable needed to be laid connecting the house to the Comcast lines.
It took two months for the contractor hired by Comcast to finish laying the lines. In the interim, Rebekke had gotten her internet and phone service through the local phone company.
With the cables finally laid, she was able to call up Comcast so she could switch over:
So, in the beginning of 2007, Comcast finally sent a guy out. He couldn't connect our internet because he couldn't access some box in our utility room. We later discovered that this box has nothing to do with the cable.
Next, Comcast sent a guy who just left after five minutes with no goodbye or paperwork.
At least nine more times, Comcast has sent workers that say they cannot complete the job because the cable that the contractors buried doesn't reach the house (they cannot find the end).
SInce 2007, we have been telling every Comcast man the same thing: "This is exactly the same problem the last guy had, don't you guys ever speak to each other?"
SInce Comcast contracted out the people who actually bury the cables, they have NO paper trail on where, when or how the lines are buried...
Comcast now says they will hire ANOTHER contractor to RE-bury NEW cables.
I wonder how much all of this is costing the company?
Maybe you can help us connect the hidden, elusive lines from the road to the house? If not, my dog is going to give it a go.