Saturday, March 5, 2011

Banana and Mango pancakes

I have been on a roll here with making yummy breakfasts, I feel guilty if all the kids ever eat in the morning is cereal (see-roll) as they call it. Did you realize how many yummy things you can put in pancakes??? Mango is a sure winner and since it is mini mango season here in latin america  I used them. One word, yum. Tomorrow Paty has the day off and is probably out right now with all her cute friends dancing :) I think we will go to Akumal, only three beach days left until we go back to Raft Island. I am so excited to see Mikala and Emmy. Sure miss my teenagers...
Love you,

mini banana pancakes

uses her utensils so well

mini mango pancakes!
in and out of the pool all day long...

they love breakfasts!

sweet little mini bananas


Bradley said...


Mikala said...

Enjoy the last days:)

Vanessa von Hessert said...

Don't forget the pancake molds that I brought over two Christmas' ago!

one happy family said...

thanks nessa! i'll get those out!