Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the posts just keep on coming!

The kids went to the aviary today and saw lots of pretty birds, but we forgot that Solly has a bird-phobia. LOL. When he was really little and the birds made lots of noise here in the mornings (as they do) he would cover his ears and scream "noooooooooooooo". I secretly worried he was autistic! He grew out of the screaming at the birds and we forgot all about it. Until, this morning that is. Paty said he went mental with all the birds flying around and squawking, the trip went faster than expected and they ended up at Paty's mom's house eating quesadillas and playing x box. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the life of a child :) That's all for now. Tonight I blew up about 20 balloons and they are waiting in the swimming pool for when they wake up, should be fun :)



loves balloons
el guapo


hi Daddy


life is good


Vanessa von Hessert said...

Remember how Dede was afraid of the peacocks in the "Big Bird in Japan" video? That was sad/funny.

one happy family said...

I was just talking about that with Paty. She was terrified, completely terrified! Poor baby girl... but yes, it was a little funny too :)

Vanessa von Hessert said...

Did you take photos of the balloons in the pool? Will you post the photos on the blog?? :D

Bradley said...

Angry birds!