Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ethiopian adoptions in great jeopardy. Letter from the Joint Coucil

Donna von Hessert-Roberts and her mother, Rebekke

No to corruption.  Yes to families.
by Rebecca Harris, Director of Programs & Services

Already in 2011 we've seen Ethiopia move to reduce intercountry adoptions by 90% and Kazakhstan officially suspend adoptions in anticipation of their ratification of the Hague Convention.  Haiti and Ukraine are on what we've termed our "high alert" list - countries that show indications of closing in the next 12-months. This is a scene we've seen play out over and over again, in country after country.  And every time a country has chosen to suspend or close intercountry adoptions, children suffer.  It's a scene that is quite frankly, confusing, unneccessary, and very disturbing. 

In allowing this to occur, we've failed the biological families who need preservation services, we've failed the children who legitimately need intercountry adoption and we've failed our global community.  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of failure.  I'm tired of seeing children, like Addison, become "collateral damage" in the battle against abuse.  Allowing children to die needlessly and alone is simply unacceptable.

Over the last ten years we've fought the good fight.  But we've lost too many times.  And every time we lose, children lose.  This month we'll release a report about the systematic elimination of intercountry adoption and the decrease in services to children.  And we'll ask you to join us in changing the tide.  We'll ask you to rally your friends and family to stand up and say "No" to corruption and "Yes" to families.  It's not enough to just stop bad things from happening - we have to make good things happen too! 

So, be on the look out over the next month - in your inbox and our website - I hope you'll join me in standing up and demanding the fulfillment of every child's right to a safe, permanent and loving family.  Join me in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Vanessa von Hessert said...

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine Solly and Dede not being part of our family. I feel bad for the children who've yet to find their homes and the families who will never get the chance to love and parent their children. This is so sad. :(

one happy family said...

It is beyond comprehension to me. I feel a hollow and sad feeling every time I think if it...
I love and adore our Ethiopian angels...