Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching up...

Here is the last week in pictures. The house has been full of friends, family and a cold and flu virus. We have been sick in shifts and it is really the worst cold I can remember... Brad left to go back to Raft Island today and Vanessa is south in a town called Mahuhaul with her friend Elaine. Paty, Solly, Dede, Siegi and I are here in Playa, and I am hoping by tomorrow Dede will be feeling better as she started anti-biotics today :( Anyhow, there it is for you in a somewhat scattered post. My pictures are obviously the highlights :)
Love, Mama

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Jennifer K said...

Sorry to hear the sickness has hit you all. It has been a nasty one up here too. But the pictures are beautiful. I am a bit jealous!