Monday, January 24, 2011

Our First trip to the Dentist ;)

They did great. We loved this pediatric dentist, and the kids got toys.

give me the camera please
Dede getting the full treatment
Solly watching on :)
let me see what we have here...
Dede and Paty
toothbrushes :)

Mommy entertaining Solly while he is brushed
cute decorations, (but is that tv on for the kids? haha) nice show!


Vanessa von Hessert said...

Dude, was it Fox? Did you tell them to change the channel? :D

one happy family said...

Brad says it was espn

one happy family said...

lololol, does that look like fox to YOU nessa?

Bradley said...

Happy Birthday Bekke!!! Love you!

Nea in Mexico said...

that is one cute post. i can't wait to see them again.

Vanessa von Hessert said...

Hahaha. Good point.

Vanessa von Hessert said...

It looks like they have a Democrat visiting and they are about to cut his mic.