Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Accomplishments and memories of 2010

Solly and Dede now use the potty in the day, diapers at night still
Solly and Dede can read their names on toys, backpacks etc
Most nights the kids are good about getting their teeth brushed, and are even starting to learn themselves
Dede knows many letters such a B O Y C and A
Dede and Solly know colours
Dede and Solly know they have a  "wonka"penis and a "china"vagina
Solly can swim with no wings
Dede has decided she doesn't like dresses at all "NO PRETTY!"
Solly loves cars, trucks, dinosaurs and food of alllllllll types
Favorite movies of 2010:
Toy Story 1,2 and of course three
The Princess and the frog
Double rainbow song
Im a little airplane now song
Shrek (all of them)
Sesame street on TV
Yo Gabba Gabba
now more accomplishments...
no car seats on the planes
no more high chairs at the table (unless there is company and we are trying to contain them)
Solly says "I can't" when he doesn't want to do something (when he in fact, can...)
Dede is horrified by ants and spiders much to my chagrin
Solly is able to tell you a story about everything he did in the day in great detail
Both kids understand and speak a little Spanish thanks to living in Mexico :) and Paty
The kids rarely get sick, sometimes a mild cold but nothing like many other kids who are chronically ill with flu's and colds (must be the strong Ethiopian genetics)
Both kids LOVE to dance and sing and mimic any moves you teach them
Solly weighs 40 lbs and Dede is 35 lbs
Dede is size seven kids shoes and Solly is size 8 1/2
Solly and Dede adore their grandparents and really freak out when they see them :)  SO cute

As the week goes on I will add on to this post for one day, I know we will relish reading it all over and over...


Bradley said...

Dede told me the other day, "I pretty dada"...

one happy family said...

when I got back from NYC after Siegi's birth, Solly was petting my hair and said "you pretty mama?" in a questioning tone :) was so cute

Vanessa von Hessert said...

"I pretty dada"
Awesome. :)