Friday, December 17, 2010

A day in the life in Playa...

Dede eating tempura

Solly in the tube slide at the beach

Dede getting wet in the fountain with her brother after sushi
Everything is joyful for these kids...
Solly getting his splash on
A group of local kids in a procession for Hey-zuess
mothering her baby
two of my girls
using his chopsticks

Dede insisted on wearing Solly's clothing
making "yummies"
Soaking wet fun
perfectly Danish :)


Mikala said...

What a wonderful day:) May many more follow please

one happy family said...

when you are with us Mikala the days are always better!

Anonymous said...

To the both of you (one happy family + Mikala)....... It's so nice to see your pictures and to read your comments.

To be there - with you - would be even better though ;-)

Bradley said...

I'm on my way!