Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ethiopia, Norway, Ethiopia, China and China are in Mexico :)

Language barriers, racial differences or anything else didn't keep these guys from bonding and sharing stories in kid play. The young boy from Norway explained to me in the water that these girls were his sisters because his Dad married their Mom and his other Mom is in Norway. He told me "I just call them my sisters, I don't like step sisters, they are just my sisters"

they made plans to meet up again tomorrow :)

another beautiful blended family living in Norway on holiday in Playa :)
beach bums


Mikala said...

Wow wow wow sounds like you are having fun. Tell the boy 'Hello venn' It means Hi friend:) Hehe. (you kind of have to say it like you sing the last letters!)

one happy family said...

okay Mikala! Love you, can't wait for you to play on the beaches with us!

Bradley said...

Cool, what great pics. So happy you made new friends!