Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love in September of 2010

You gave me hope to smile
it dried my weeping eyes.
You gave me hope to trust again,
through your love you showed me how.
The love you gave was very special
it made me realize
I'm an adopted child with love;
I am a chosen child

~Poem by adult adoptee


Nea in Vermont said...

I cannot wait to see these guys in a few weeks in Mexico. I cannot believe how fast they are growing. You know what Buk? THIS IS BULLSHIT.

one happy family said...

lolololol, you in Vermont with a new man sounds pretty un-bullshit to me!

Mikala said...

I love the poem!

Bradley said...

Solly just spilled my coffee all over the floor and then said,"Dad? you spilled your coffee?" HAHA