Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday the 23rd of September, 2010. The waiting continues... :)

This morning we went to an appointment at Vanessa's midwifery clinic on the upper West side, walked through Central Park and met Simon for lunch at a great restaurant (seems there are no bad ones here in NYC). I miss the kids so much but Patty sent me pics of them taking a bath (THANK YOU PATY!) and of course I miss everyone else too Emily, Mikala and my sweet husband who has been working so hard at the office lately. I look very much forward to all of us lazing on a beach in Playa soon with Siegi squirming around on a towel under an umbrella...
Love you guys, thanks again for holding down the fort while we wait out this amazing event.

Beautiful mother to be
talking to Brad from Central Park West
for Solly and Dede
bright lights, big city
she prefers cabs these days!
check out the model having a photo shoot behind me


Bradley said...

looks like the model is on the phone!

one happy family said...

I love you schmoopie