Friday, September 3, 2010

Sollys future wife

Solomon lived with this beauty (Eve) for the first four months of his life in Mekelle Ethiopia at the care center. Even though I think he and Dede make a beautiful couple that would just be weird and wrong so I have decided that Eve will be his wife. Isn't she a beauty?????


Anonymous said...

That is a perfect idea. Eve and Shakara both want to know why you get tp have seal pups on your beach and we don't. That is not fair. They don't quite understand the 3000 miles between us. When I told Eve the her and Solly were going to get married she said very simply. O.K. Now I go Potty, Privacy Please.

Lots of Love, Julie, Shakara and Eve

one happy family said...

damn I miss you girls.
now move out west.
Solly Dede and me