Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Runners and Lunch with Franny

This morning Vanessa and I went out to buy new running shoes. They assessed my running style on the treadmill with a video camera and it looks like I run fairly well (thanks to my high arches I have no over pronation). I purchased a nice new pair of runners and then we were off to meet Franny for lunch.

We met Franny at a nice French restaurant. We sat in the garden and had a really nice time.

After lunch I accompanied Vanessa to her acupuncture appointment (a post on that later).
Enjoy the photos!
bookends I bought for the kids room in Playa
Franny showing me pics
lunchtime at Union Square market for the NYC kiddies
beautiful buildings
ka chow
soon to be mama
Emily's fav radishes!
stop looking at my bum
love Franny like a Mama

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