Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ok, I am back blogging :)

Since this blog has changed its purpose (a few times) so has the blog. As of awhile ago I decided that this blog was to become dedicated to my kids as a sort of super journal-journey through our years together and the kids could look back at our lives and read it. I have had three books bound so far and I know this is a good idea, If I had this sort of thing from MY childhood it would be worth its weight in diamonds. So, I shall continue to chronicle the lives of us and our friends and are happy you are checking in to see us and say hi.

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nea in Brighton said...

Oh, no kidding Bekke, about the journal keeping. IMAGINE if we had a photo journal of our childhood... replete with commentary? Jesus H. It would be worth it's weight in diamonds..... why does running with scissors come to mind?