Monday, August 16, 2010

Much action around here

In less than a week Mikala arrives from Denmark.  She will be living with us for a year and going to Gig Harbor High School :)  We are very excited for her and for us.  We will now have two foreign exchange girls in our house: one from Mexico and one from Denmark.

Zack is going to our house in Mexico in a few days with his friends from PLU and we look forward to a report from down south at Casa 157!

The weather here on Raft Island has been in the high 80's in the day and cool at night. A winning combo.

Solly and Dede are into dropping baby toothbrushes down the sink and it is driving me crazy, last time I looked McQueen was shoved in there also.

That's it for today, just ate a delicious artichoke and wonder if the "choke" part of the word is because of the hairs on the heart of the vegetable?


PS Here is a picture of Mikala when we were in NYC visiting with Vanessa and Simon :)


Vanessa von Hessert said...

We found a McQueen Pez dispenser under the stove while retrieving the Roomba. Simon gasped. "Solly must be freaking out looking for that McQueen."

one happy family said...

hahahaha, I think I remember him asking me where it was. Keep it for Siegy, McQueen has super child trance like powers we still can't understand...