Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's not all fun and games...

Today we made our fourth trip to the DMV to get Paty's beginners permit and to get Emily scheduled for her final exam :) Solomon got us kicked out playing with his cars all over the floor (falling hazard) and Em and Paty had to go it alone inside while Solly and I waited in the car watching finding Nemo. Paty passed and Em got her appointment which is July 2nd. We saw some "motos" in the parking lot and Solly let me take his picture standing by them (sort of). That's it for today. Tomorrow is Fathers day and we all go out to brunch.


Vanessa von Hessert said...

Funny story. :)

Anonymous said...

siiii pase mi examen!!! la tercera es la vencida... pronto nos vamos a mexico estoy feliz!!! arena... solecito... alberca haya vamos!!!