Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back To Raft Island! We will miss you Auntie Linnea

Mumma misses Daddy!  We are going back to Raft Island tonight (we arrive at 11:00-ish) Two planes again, two babies again :) Paty's arm is getting better so we will just make sure she keeps up with not using it and favouring her right arm.  Tropical storm Alex passed through leaving us with buckets of rain but still a great week at our other home.  We are thinking about the oil spill in the gulf and how Alex will affect that :(  Bye Bye Playa, see you in Autumn...

Love Mama


Nea in Mexico said...

Yikes I miss them too, already. You have only been gone a few hours! I will take care of it all down here in the meantime.... :)

Bradley said...

They are stuck in Houston! Missed the flight due to weather delay...staying the night in a hotel.