Monday, May 3, 2010

We love Paty Garcia-Torres!

OK, I had a good nights rest and I am sitting here with a hot coffee so let me just tell you that yesterday was great! We went shopping at Target with Patty and Selina and got Patty some gorgeous duds to wear here in this much cooler climate :) I think she likes them! (the bikini is for me) Then, we came home and played with cousin Eli, Solly, Dede, Emily, Auntie Selina, Daddy, Mummy and Matilda. It was a great day all in all. I found a catholic church here in Gig Harbor for Patty to attend and I will be taking her to her first mass next Sunday. There are many other spanish speaking people there :)
More later!
Love Mama

Sunset from my patio

my ethiopian flag bikini for Europe

his very own shopping cart

my favorite sister in law, Selina

our sweet daughter Emily

beautiful person

always texting

no, that is not chocolate on her mouth, it is dirt from my potted plants


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Yeah for a fabulously full house!
(And I'm totally jealous of the bikini- if I thought I could rock one, I'd buy it, too)