Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today Auntie Nessa weighed herself on Bekke's scale and she weighed 146 lbs. Then she couldn't fit into her fat jeans. Then she started crying.

So Vanessa picked up her crying fat bum and brought Paty and the kids to Play-A-Latte! Enjoy the photos.

Fat Aunt Nessa, Paty and the babies



Anonymous said...

vanessa you are not fat! you're a beautiful woman, but now you have inside your baby ... I hope it was just a joke you cried .... we love you!

patty :)

Vanessavh said...

Yes, it's true. The fat lady cried. I didn't want the babies to see the fat lady cry. I'll be okay though. Tomorrow is a new day!

one happy family said...

i love the fat pregnant lady

Orange Girl said...

Hey, Auntie Nessa- if I weighed 146lbs I'd be crying for joy. I can't remember the last time I saw that number on the scale. I bet by the end of your pregnancy you still won't weigh as much as I weigh now- decidedly unpregnant. Does that make you feel any better? :)

Katie (Isa's mama)

one happy family said...

THANK YOU KATIE! I've been in the 140's for most of my adult life. I am also, UN pregnant...