Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paty needed glasses!

We went to the DMV to get Paty's learners permit and she failed the eye exam! So, we went to the eye doctor and got her some beautiful glasses :) We LOVE Paty, and she looks so wonderful with her new glasses. Oh and btw, Emily passed her written test at the DMV and is only one step away from driving legally!!!!!!!

Taking her exam at the eye doctor

an actual picture of Paty's eye

isn't she adorable?

OK Bekke, enough pictures por favour


nea-in-montanner said...

Hello hello! Wow, Paty needed glasses? Ding Dang, she looks so cute! Please tell her I said this. I miss her... I really hope she is happy. Big hug to her. SHe can see!!!

Bradley said...

She looks great and now she can see how great we look too!

Nice job Em on the written driving test!

Vanessavh said...

See you soon Paty!