Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It was a lazy Sunday at Casa 75. Highlights included: Shake'n'Bake chicken, Ice Age (the movie) and Dede pooping in the bathtub. Enjoy the photos!
:) Love Paty, Aneesa and the babies.
p.s. We are so excited to see Mama and Dada home tomorrow!!

Our last day in Rome

We will never forget this trip, this city, this beautiful country. It has been a huge educational experience for both of us on so many levels. As our last day here comes to an end I think of returning to my sweet babies and family in America, and one day coming back with everyone in tow. Prego.


Express train to Rome

We took the express train to Rome and sat in two very nice first class seats, I read my book and relaxed while Brad did the like. We were able to buy our tickets from an electric vending kiosk easily and found the whole journey to be uneventful and pleasant... Next post, our day in Rome :)

Our lovely morning in Florence

This is our delightful room, it consists of two rooms (one a living room) and adjoins to the bedroom with a beautiful fresco painted on the ceiling. The living room has two sets of french doors that open into a breathtaking garden. Breakfast was delicious and truly I don't know how we will ever return to making our own coffee after this very civilized life here in Italy! LOL :) we are packing up now to take the express train to Rome where we spend one last night at the Inn at The Roman Forum. We are both fully, completely happy with EVERY aspect of this trip. It simply could not have been more delicious and beautiful.
Love you,

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Shopping-check, David-check, eating-check. Wonderful day in Florence-check :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Shrek, Gam, Dinner and Fun!

Paty and the babies and I went to see Shrek this morning. When Dede entered the theater and realized the fun and excitement that she was about to experience, she did her grinning, wide-eyed, foot-stomping dance. Solly laughed and ran in circles.

First we brought them into the arcade and it was cheap because they are still too young to tell if the machines are on (we didn't have to insert any quarters: score).

During the movie they both pulled their 3D glasses off numerous times, which is to be expected. They ate almost an entire bucket of medium popcorn all to themselves. The movie was surprisingly good.

After the movie Gam came over. She stayed for a few hours and we talked about sewing machines, since I'm on the market for one. Gam's going to bring me into Tacoma tomorrow during nap time and we are going to look at some different models.

For dinner we had a garlicky-cheesy-buttery delight: potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli. Those babies love broccoli. We had to go digging through the serving bowl to find them more broccoli.

All in all it was a great day.

With love and besitos,
Solly, Dede, Paty and Nessa.