Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi everyone,
here are some pics I snapped today of our day at home. enjoy...

Buenos Dias

off to go shopping :)
ummm, where are my car keys?
The queen of the castle

Chabe, helping out while Patty spends most of the day studying (she is taking a break here)
The delicious pizza Linnea made in the bbq :) before cooking it
beautiful Patty cooling off after a long study session en Ingles online!
Chabe and Dede


Bradley said...

My daughter is an amazing child! She is growing up so fast!!

I am so happy that Patty will be with us!

one happy family said...

she is amazing, she takes after you Daddy :)

one happy family said...

Patty is so excited too! Get ready America, here comes Patty!!!!!!

Orange Girl said...

Looks heavenly!!!!