Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sick babies

Both kids are sick, they have had a nasty cold pretty much since we went to a playgroup... Now, in the lovely second stages of the cold they get the ear infections. Brad brought them to the doctor yesterday and they are both on ten day cycles of augmentin. Yuk, I hate augmentin. Once, after surgery I had to take it and I felt like I was dying. It can produce some bad reactions so I am on mummy watch to make sure they fare well. Linnea and Vanessa are in Costa Rica learning cool things and I am very much missing them and our daily talks. We are working on Paty's US visa and she is now in english classes down there in Mexico. Cross your fingers for her, it's an amazing opportunity for her :)
More later.

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Carey said...

Oh, how awful! Praying they are better soon and no yucky side effects. Good thing you have experience with it so you know what to look for. Hang in there Mumma!