Thursday, March 25, 2010

My sister is having a baby!

Just a few weeks here
12 weeks here! Doesn't it look like the baby is smiling?

My Dear little sister, Vanessa and her husband Simon are having a baby. I am thrilled beyond words, I think about it so much :) For Solomon and Donna it will be so wonderful to have a little baby to hold and care for. When she delivers (September 28) Solly will be one month away from three years old. He will be very interested in the little bundle for sure! Dede will also be inquisitive for sure. Here are some sonograms of the little one. Vanessa wants a girl, we find out May 14th what the sex is ! We better start building our family compound on Cozumel...

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Carey said...

Oh how exciting!!! Congratulations Vanessa!!!