Saturday, September 12, 2009

JDRF Fundraiser

Every year we take part in a charity fundraiser for type one diabetes. Our daughter Emily is a diabetic, the cause is very close to our hearts. Each year Brad buys a table at the event, golfs in the tournament and we auction our house in Mexico for a week vacation to raise funds. It isn't enough. This fiscal year 60 million dollars less was set aside for research due to the economic situation, but diabetes knows no economics and it still is stealing the childhoods of millions of kids in the US. 40 kids and infants every day in the US alone are diagnosed with type one diabetes.  I SHUDDER at the thought of those families out there with babies and kids with Diabetes and NO HEALTH INSURANCE
We had a nice evening, and Emmy looked so pretty :)  Gam babysat the babies, thanks Gam!


nea-nea said...

Hope the fundraiser went well. I like the photos. Emily looks great.

Anonymous said...

Is Brad's beard supposed to help his driving skills?
Love Da Oz Bruddah in Law