Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eastern Washington in the Airstream

We took a road trip to Eastern Washington for the long weekend. It was so much fun. We spent the two nights in two different towns, the second being Lake Chelan. Here are some shots of our time on the road :) and, in our pod-home.

In the bedroom

DeDe in Chelan
happy girl, as usual
getting ready for bed
asleep watching a movie at night in his car seat easy chair
perspective :)
breakfast at the trailer park

nice weather
singing to Beyonce
morning Mumma!
bedhead baby

the boys


nea-in-montanner said...

Finally, some more photos!n Jeebus.... You got readers out there lady!

one happy family said...

Yes, I have been slacking on blogging lately... nice to know somebody notices! Even if it is my sister...

Vanessavh said...

Awesome photos! Buk, remember you and I stayed in Lake Chelan years ago with Woofie?

one happy family said...

yep, I remember you wanted a chelantini

one happy family said...

it was with Kaya I think

Vanessavh said...

Nope, it was with Woofie. We fed her with lunch meat. I think I did have a Chelantini.

one happy family said...

It was Woof, you are right. You did have a "chelantini" and so did I... a few :)