Saturday, August 8, 2009

For Linnea

Hi Linnea! This post is for you my most faithful reader :) It is some pics of yesterday. I have the day off today (from the babies) so no new pics yet! Tune in tomorrow for more recent photo's of our life :)

Our daily view :)  just gets better every day...
                              peter rabbit                                   

Mum and Deeds

Deeds foot


sister spacek said...

oh hellllo. thanks for the picks, but i would really prefer if you refer to me as sister spacek from now on. I think perter rabbit is cute, and so is donna's foot. where is milders?

one happy family said...

ahhhhhhhhh sister spacek it is. Milders coming up shortly :)

Vanessavh said...

sister neezer likes this too.