Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Solly's new wheels have arrived

I ordered Solly a little tykes car and it arrived today.  We had to put it together (Brad had to put it together).  Solly is in love with it as I knew he would be but we need to do a little adjustment to the front wheels as they are not swiveling properly.  He has no idea it isn't perfect.  I enjoyed the evening of watching him push it around in the house.  Because of the new toy, Dede gets his old love (the push cart car) and she thinks it's not too shabby.  I strapped her in and pushed her around in it and she was SQUEALING with delight.

Great day :)


Orange Girl said...

Isa LOVES that car- the family that watches her on Tuesday has one and she doesn't do a very good job of sharing it. I contemplated getting her own for her birthday but figured that (in typical Isa style) she'd only love it if it belonged to someone else... :)

one happy family said...

your funny Katie! you will have to come over and she can take Solly's!