Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday July 2nd, 2009

Sometimes (a lot of the time) I don't know what to write with the pictures so I say nothing. I wonder if my few "readers" wish I wrote more about daily life like my more experienced blogger friends...
Ok well today I went to Home depot with the babies and bought hose to irrigate the roses and groundcover. I love it, I cant believe that I didn't do that before now. Solly is saying so many new words lately and Dede seems interested in moving but still hasn't starting crawling yet. I ordered a new "car" for Solly. He is obsessed with anything with wheels and especially a steering wheel. He calls every car a "beep beep" and believe me, sometimes he says it about EVERY car we see on the road, it's SO cute :) This car is flinstone style and he pushes it with his feet. I will post pictures when he makes the joyous acquaintance of it.

Dede eating a "pizza bone"
Brad and Bob share a beer
Solly shows cousin Eli his music player
 Happy girl
serious girl
Olympic mountain range

The sun sets around 9:15 p.m here this time of year
Mikala's card to Dede
you cannot buy this sort of card at the store...


Carey said...

Love all the pictures! Although the descriptions are nice, too. =)

one happy family said...

Thanks Carey,
your blog is so much more well done with all your writing! I will try to write more about our day to day stuff, maybe it is interesting!