Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bugs and butterflies

   The kids woke today before the sun was even up... it was a little rough on Mama who likes to bring her laptop to bed with her now that we have internet in the house.  Anyway, once it was 7:30 KT and I knew we needed to get outta the house before all hell broke loose.  We were at the beach before they were even serving our usual breakfast of huevos y frijoles...  The kids were restless and tired but we managed to have a great time making (and smashing) sandcastles.  There are these weird bugs all over the place.  Actually, they are the shells of what used to be bugs and are now butterflies or pretty moths.  They are flying all over the beaches and roads.  Attached is a pic of an abandoned shell, much like I wish we could do when we felt the urge to fly... Tomorrow is our last day and I am feeling sad to say goodbye to the place for the summer, but happy I can come back.  Hasta Luego,
Tres Amigas y uno Amigo

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